[Seaside] Is Seaside able to access any "open source" chart libraries? -> plenty, and they all look quite nice!

Ian Gilchrist gilchrist at sympatico.ca
Fri Jan 1 18:35:03 UTC 2010



As a novice Seasider, I'd like to thank all of you who responded so quickly.
I've taken a look at the links you have provided, and they are all quite
impressive.  I'm now quite confident that all the graphics I would need are
easily available on squeaksource.  


I'm hoping to build a small portfolio (financial) management tool to provide
me with some hands-on Seaside experience.  Other than a lot of coffee and
some long hours I don't see any remaining obstacles in making this happen.  


John, it is definitely helpful to include the Smalltalk code as well as the
graphic. It gives novice types like me some sense of how it's accessed.




Now . . .  back to login page design and implementation!




regards & Happy New Year,



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