[Seaside] jQuery Dummy

Joel Turnbull joel.turnbull at ardishealth.com
Thu Jan 7 19:46:12 UTC 2010

Thanks for the responses guys and sorry for the delay in responding,
I'm on a pretty tight deadline right now. But you're helping me
understand the jQuery stuff.

> I assume that the answer would be simple, but I don't quite get your question:
> - What does "turn a div into a submit button" mean?

We didn't want to use a html submit button because apparently they are
hard to style consistently across browsers. We wanted to stay away
from using  imageButtons as well ( but that's what we're currently
doing )

So what I mean is, we take a div and style it to look like a button
and make it clickable. I want the exact functionality of a submit
button though, i.e. the ability to assign callbacks, and it should
submit a form.

> - What should "evaluate a callback" exactly do?

We compile a group of components into what we call a PurchaseFlow.
Each component takes care of a different step in an e-commerce
purchase process: choose the product, enter the shipping address,
enter the credit card information, etc

So the callback evaluates a method that increments an index that the
PurchaseFlow keeps to load the appropriate component in the flow.

> - Where is "the form to submit"?

The button div would be inside the form that I want to submit. Does
that answer your question?

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