[Seaside] Re: Where's the Squeak one-click experience?

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Sun Jan 10 19:44:16 UTC 2010

Lukas Renggli wrote:
>>>> The Squeak Smalltalk link now points to:
>>>> http://www.squeak.org/
>>> I agree that this is not ideal.
>> It's no different from the links to GST or VAST.
> Imagine a newbie: He goes to www.seaside.st and clicks on his favorite
> platform. Surprisingly he is brought back to the main website of his
> platform. The next logical step would be to assume that Seaside comes
> with the default distribution. So he downloads it and finds Seaside
> included with GST and VASt, but not in Squeak. Now, the newbie is lost
> and probably gives up.

Sure, and we're working on it. I just wanted to point out that both GST 
and VAST also link straight to the front pages of those systems instead 
of Seaside specific sections.

>>> To me is not clear if the latest Seaside runs on Squeak at all?
>> Sure does. With Dale's latest fix you can just load the Metacello config.
>> Yesterday we also upgraded source.squeak.org using an older version of
>> Seaside on a current image and it works just as fine.
> The newbie is definitely lost.

Absolutely. That wasn't intended for newbies, it was intended as an 
illustration that Seaside 3.0 loads and works fine in Squeak.

>>> And we don't have a name of somebody
>>> that is committed to maintaining the port and taking responsibility
>>> for this platform, so I will remove the link until this clears up ...
>> As I've said earlier, I'm on the Seaside-dev list specifically to hear about
>> issues that come up regarding Squeak. If that doesn't count as commitment,
>> please let me know what does. At this point Seaside is fully functional and
>> fully supported on Squeak.
> That's perfect, thank's for letting us know.
> Maybe you could additional put a link on www.squeak.org that explains
> how to get started? If necessary, we can discuss further actions in
> the thread on the dev-list.

We've been working on a better setup for Seaside for a while now but it 
seems it got stalled a little. I've just pinged Randall (who has the 
ball here) where that stands. And yes, please feel free to raise any 
issues you see on the Seaside-dev list.

   - Andreas

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