[Seaside] Re: Looking for information about pharo usage

Udo Schneider Udo.Schneider at homeaddress.de
Wed Jan 13 10:52:08 UTC 2010

Hi Stéphane,

I'm currently developing a Pharo/Seaside based WebUI for a network 
security appliance. We plan to ship beginning of February - so I'm 
afraid I can't show any details earlier :-(

Best Regards,


stephane ducasse schrieb:
> Hi guys
> Happy new year! With plenty of seaside projects!
> Yes we are working on the book to get a pdf version soon! :)
> We got ugly bug with acrobat80 (you do not want to know - ugly ugly - breaking books only when printed). 
> Now we are doing plenty of other boring stuff (project proposals to get money) and one of them is less boring :)
> We are writing a request for funding from our employer (INRIA) to get an engineer working 
> full time on pharo during two years. We would like to use him to make it (smaller, faster, cleaner and more robust, better tools).
> Now we collected some company names as you can see here 
> 	http://www.pharo-project.org/about/success-stories
> I would love to get a longer list. :-)
> Your company name does not have to get public, our engineer proposal is classified confidential. 
> Knowing an approximative number of companies using seaside with pharo or **planning to**  or starting to use pharo
> would help us convince them. 
> Side note: as a pharo active member I'm really honored and feel quite responsible about the quality of pharo.
> When we did 3.9 with marcus stability and robustness was something we did our best to achieve. 
> <my interpretation / vision for pharo>
> Our goal with pharo is to make sure that we get an **innovative** smalltalk with 
> which people can make enough money to raise nicely kids and get old! I have (three kids)
> and employed by the state so you could think that these are words in air 
> but I'm **really** sensitive to this point. Software to create  innovation and been relevant. 
> We may create a company in the future so we are concerned. 
> <\my interpretation /vision for pharo>
> Stef Go Seaside!
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