[Seaside] Re: Looking for information about pharo usage

Michael Forster mike at sharedlogic.ca
Sat Jan 16 15:07:29 UTC 2010


Sorry, I cannot yet divulge much detail about the parties involved,
but we used Pharo/Seaside extensively in a system to manage the
inventory, validation, and consumption of tickets at the 2009 Canadian
National Exhibition in Toronto this past August.  Seaside was used for
all web based UIs including the ticket consumption interface hosted on
small industrial servers and presented on hand-held barcode scanners.
Pharo alone was used to write the asynchronous replication between
Postgresql databases also running on those servers.

Currently, I am developing a replacement for a
VAX/Cobol/Datatrieve-based inventory and order management system for a
seed company.  I would like to use Pharo again, but I will need to
write an ncurses-based UI, so GNU Smalltalk might be my only option.
I would be happy to know if anyone has done curses/ncurses work in
Pharo or Squeak.



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