[Seaside] Equivalent of unique keys in a persistent object model ?

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> Hi,
> I'm a newby to ST and Seaside. I attempting to port web app that's written
> in Oracle/Java over to Seaside running on Pharo. The current application
> uses Oracle sequence generated unique id's for unique identifiers for
> records, is there a parallel to this when using just objects persisted in
> the Pharo image ? I know I can code my one implementation to replicate this
> but wondered whether this is the best way to model it, what are the
> alternatives and if it is the best way, is there a ready made package that I
> could use to generate unique id's ?

Wow! That's seems a very cool project :)    Sorry I don't know the concrete
answer to your question, however, I would like to give you two links that
may be of help to you. Several times was discussion the "change of mind"
that has to be done when moving from relational persistence to object
persistence. Here are two good links that I recommend you to read

- http://lists.squeakfoundation.org/pipermail/seaside/2009-May/020688.html

I wanted to let you know also that you can use SqueakDBX (
http://www.squeakdbx.org/) to migrate your data from Oracle to Pharo
objects. SqueakDBX is a generic database driver for Pharo and Squeak for
different backends included Oracle.

Finally, I would really think about persisting in image. For some
applications this is reasonable, but maybe for bigger applications this
seems like a limited approach to persist. If you want Object Oriented
Databases, you can take a look to Magma or Gemstone/GLASS.



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