[Seaside] Improved Help Suggestion

Overcomer Man overcomer.man at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 23:25:55 UTC 2010

Although posts to this list sometimes work in getting help, I suggest the
people in charge take a look at the help provided at
http://www.wampserver.com/ where it seems one guy goes out of his way to
answer dozens of requests daily using his blog (which requests donations).
Perhaps dividing the functions of development and help in this way would be
even more effective than the newbie help provided on Squeak-Beginners or
maybe it's a matter of having the right person doing it.  Anyway I hope you
kick this around because anything to get improved help would be appreciated
by those who need it.

Seaside looks a lot more attractive to me than Wamp for writing webpages in
but I seem to need a little more tutorial reading to start being
productive.  Is there a tutorial that explains
http://localhost:8080/seaside and
why clicking configure on that page points to port 80 instead of port 8080?
What examples are legitimate to put in Server Path, Server Hostname,
Resource Base Url and why?

My problem is guessing the values rarely turns out correctly unless I know
more than the usual hints the typical programmer provides, especially when
trying to work with "open" software where many package, class, and method
names are obscure only known by the writer and his buddies.  Sorry for the
rant, just please help.
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