[Seaside] Re: External events?

John Chludzinski john.chludzinski at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 19:29:10 UTC 2010

Thanks Julian!  This works just fine and is definitely less of a jury-rig!

render: aRenderable on: aStream
"Render aRenderable on aStream."

| document html codec |

codec := [ self requestContext codec ]
       on: WARequestContextNotFound
       do: [ WANullCodec new ].

document := JSDocument on: aStream codec: codec.

document open.
canvas context document: document during: [
html := canvas species context: canvas context.
html render: aRenderable; flush.
document close ]

On Tue, Jan 26, 2010 at 4:42 PM, John Chludzinski <
john.chludzinski at gmail.com> wrote:

> If I receive an external message (not a request from a browser) thru a
> socket telling me that all the presentation apps that share a particular
> Comet pusher need to advance to the next slide.  How should this best be
> done?
> My solution:  I saved a reference to one of the presentation apps and send
> it the message #nextPage (from a Workspace window).  This failed (got a
> walkback) in JSObject>>render:on: at
>       document := JSDocument on: aStream codec: self requestContext codec.
> Since 'codec' is never used in JSDocument I changed the line above to:
>       document := JSDocument on: aStream codec: #useless.
> This works BUT is it a reasonable approach?  Or is there a canonical
> solution to the problem of external events?*
> *
> ---John
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