[Seaside] Re: Latest behavior of 'One-click' not compatible

Miguel Enrique Cobá Martínez miguel.coba at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 23:27:35 UTC 2010

El lun, 12-07-2010 a las 23:03 +0000, fritz schenk escribió:
> Thank you Julian for your commentary, and I agree that notifying authors and
> holding up a release is not an option.
> However,
> 1. I welcome your suggestion and wording as to notifying newcomers as to the
> welcome page.
> 2. The distribution release notes should specify what was changed; including
> things like the default behaviour; note that many things have changed since the
> Pharo fork of Squeak. Quite a few of them for the better of the distribution.

But this is also a major release, 2.8 to 3.0. That is not small. So it
is expected that a lot of things change in a new major number release. I
think that the tutorials almost always state what version they apply to.
Even more, several tutorials will not work because of things as app
registration, session handling, native request handling. So, I think
that this welcome page is the minor of the problems that the tutorials
authors will heard in that respect.
So, let things advance, do not put a lot of attention in backward
compatibility and never let backward compatibility stall new
In the worst case, the Seaside maintainers will declare that 2.8 is dead
end, that 3.0 isn't backward compatible and they will carry on. Most
users will understand the reason for changes and will not complain for
small things given that is a free software and nobody is paying a cent
the developers for giving their work to the world.

So let this issue behind and better focus in the new development, bug
reporting and new tutorials writing. 


> Thanks
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Miguel Cobá

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