[Seaside] [ANN] new config versions for Seaside30, Grease, Magritte2, Pier2, Pier2AddOns

Dale Henrichs dhenrich at vmware.com
Tue Jul 13 19:05:35 UTC 2010

   ConfigurationOfGrease       - 1.0-alpha9.3
   ConfigurationOfSeaside30    - 3.0.0-alpha5.15
   ConfigurationOfMagritte2    - 2.0.5
   ConfigurationOfPier2        - 2.0.6
   ConfigurationOfPierAddOns2  - 2.0.6
   ConfigurationOfSeaside      - 1.0.5

The configurations are available in

Note that the mcz files in the Seaside3.0 config predates the mcz files 
in 3.0 RC that was recently announced, so I apologize for the potential 

We are shipping GemStone/S 64 very soon now and I needed to 
coordinate the releases of Seaside3.0/Magritte2/Pier2 that are available 
on GemStone. The announcement of 3.0 RC came too late to incorporate 
into our release cycle. I'll be pushing out updated configs shortly.

The big change with this release is that there is a new 'Base' group 
defined that loads the minimal packages for running Seaside (i.e., no 
development packages, no examples, no java script. etc.) thus making it 
possible to perform a load into a production image of only the 
packages/features you want.

The new versions of the Magritte2, Pier2 and PierAddOns2 are structured 
to load only what is absolutely needed for each of those projects, again 
making it possible to load Pier2 into an image without having the entire 
Seaside3.0 development come along.

One of the upshots of loading only the minimum required is that you will 
need to choose an adaptor to explicitly load (Kom or Swazoo for 
Pharo/Squeak folks). So if you want to load a minimal Pier2 and use the 
Kom adaptor, you will evaluate an expression like the following (after 
loading the Seaside3.0 and Pier2 configurations:

   (ConfigurationOfPier2 project version: '2.0.6') load.
   (ConfigurationOfSeaside30 project version: '3.0.0-alpha5.15')
     load: #( 'Seaside-Adaptors-Comanche' ).

If you want to add the Seaside3.0 development environment to your image, 
you would evaluate the following:

   (ConfigurationOfSeaside30 project version: '3.0.0-alpha5.15')
     load: #( 'Development' ).

and if you wanted the development environment plus tests you'd evaluate 
the following:

   (ConfigurationOfSeaside30 project version: '3.0.0-alpha5.15')
     load: #( 'Development Tests' ).

As for the ConfigurationOfSeaside, I have decided that the 'Seaside 3.0' 
target will load the full Seaside3.0 code base. However, I have added a 
'Seaside 3.0 Production' target that loads the minimal Seaside packages 
plus both adaptors. I have updated the #workspace method with additional 

For the GemStone users out there keep your eyes peeled for the 
announcement of GemStone/S 64 where I will provide additional 
(mostly) GemStone-specific information.

Well with as many moving pieces involved in this announcement I expect 
that there will be a stitch or two dropped (which reminds me that you 
ought to make sure you are using the latest version of Metacello when 
loaded Seaside3.0) so feel free to drop me a line with comments/problems 
and I will see if I can address them.

Now that GemStone has caught up with Pharo and Squeak (very soon, I 
promise:) I don't anticipate making these multi-config coordinated 
releases any time soon...

Putting together a Seaside 3.0 RC config is next up on the list...


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