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You can find some examples in the success stories in the official seaside.st


<http://seaside.st/about/users>my 2 cents,

2010/7/12 radoslav hodnicak <rh at 4096.sk>

> On Sun, Jul 11, 2010 at 9:35 AM, Friedrich Dominicus <
> frido at q-software-solutions.de> wrote:
>> Well I was quite aware about the book examples, but this are "examples"
>> for the sake of showing things. I'd not qualify them as "used"
>> applications. And a todo list could be  a bit more than just havign some
>> notes. Anyway I've bought the Seaside book and am currently working
>> through it.
>> Howerver my question still persists is there anything more elaborated
>> ut there in any area which is a "larger" application. E.g have a look at
>> Redmine: http://www.redmine.org/
>> or any larger PHP whatever application.
>> or
>> http://sourceforge.net/projects/trackplus/
> While not open source, I can assure you Seaside (and Smalltalk) is more
> than capable of supporting large applications. I've personally written at
> least two that can rival redmine or whatever spaghetti php project in
> complexity (functionality wise, the code is still fairly simple) and are
> used in real world on a daily basis (behind firewalls so no public demo,
> sorry).
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