[Seaside] How I delayed a Seaside callback to allow a JQuery toggle effect to happen before the callback.

Tim Murray tmurray at ecsorl.com
Wed Jul 28 15:13:44 UTC 2010

Posting this in the hope somebody finds it useful.


Problem outline: 


Using the seaside Dispatcher->tests->jquery-ui->Effects->Toggle demo, I
wanted to make the box an anchor that invoked a Seaside callback . The
idea being the box would "bind, clip, drop explode, fold puff scale
slide...whatever" and then the new component would appear.


However, the speed of the seaside callback out-paced the Toggle effect.



Here is the modified JQUI example "wrapper" for the effect.




renderBoxOn: html withText:aString withCallback:aBlock

"available toggle effects are:   blind clip drop explode fold puff scale

            html div class: 'pack'; with: [

                        html div 

                                    class: 'box';

                                    class: 'white';    with: [

                                                            #(clip) do:
[ :each | 

html anchor

onClick: ((html jQuery: '.box') effect toggle; perform: each);

callback: aBlock;

with: aString asString]





The solution to the problem lies in ....the callback: aBlock;

I added a (Delay forSeconds: 1) wait. To the beginning of the block.

This slows down seaside enough for the JQuery effect to happen.


html div class: 'main'; with: [

                        html form with:[


                                                renderBoxOn: html
withText: 'My Link Text'  withCallback: [(Delay forSeconds: 1) wait.self
show: someCustomComponent new];




A drawback of the above, is that the link is on the anchor text, not on
the box.

I will be focusing on that moving forward.


Anyway, the (Delay forSeconds: 1) wait is the point of this post.


Hope it helps somebody.







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