[Seaside] Comet and #call:

andres andres at lifia.info.unlp.edu.ar
Thu Jul 29 21:01:02 UTC 2010

I guess I must be missing something because I see no difference between 
#call: and #show:, except for the fact that #call blocks and #show does not.

When I do

             update: #componentPane
             with: Component1 new.

The network traces in firebug shows that only the required resources for 
Component1 are requested to the server. On the other hand when I hit the 
link rendered by:

Component1>>renderContentOn: hmtl

             html anchor
                     callback: [self show: Component2 new];
                     with: 'A call'.

firebug shows that everything that belongs to the page is requested 
again to the server (all the .css, .js, etc).


Lukas Renggli escribió:
>> code in WAComponent>>call: without any luck :(. So, do you think this can be
>> done? Am I missing something important about the way Seaside works? Any
>> hints are very much appreciated!
> Did you look at #show:/#show:onAnswer:? This is the #call:/#answer:
> without continuations and without the forced full-page refresh.
> Lukas

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