[Seaside] Re: Porting Seaside30 to opencobalt-1.0alpha1

Tim Murray tmurray at ecsorl.com
Sat Jul 31 13:15:02 UTC 2010



Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Total time to download and get Seaside30 running was less than 1 hour,
most of it download time.


Seaside30 is running flawlessly and I get to keep working on Croquet.


I am off to Suslov Nikolay's blog to post a big THANK YOU!


Fwiw, The reason I think this is so important, is because having that
virtual environment just "being" there while I do web development with
Seaside keeps me thinking "What if?"


What if? You could do an immersive environment from OpenCobalt/Croquet
from a Seaside component and have it display in a browser?

What if? I got a Seaside web page showing up inside the virtual space
and 'hyper-links' in it brought me to other virtual spaces.


Now, some big caveats: I am new to Smalltalk, Seaside and no Zero about
virtual worlds. So my immediate goals are the Smalltalk and Seaside

However, having that "immersive environemt" part of my workspace is very
important to me.







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