[Seaside] seaside and yui

sergio_101 sergiolist at village-buzz.com
Tue Jun 8 17:47:29 UTC 2010

unfortunately, the project i was previously working on was not a good
match for seaside.. i struggled with a lot of the aspects for a very
long time, and finally decided that the project was more of a web SITE
than a web APP.. in that case, i ended up putting the whole project to
bed, and writing it all in ruby on rails in a 24 hour code sprint.

if anyone would like me to write up an extended explanation on my
blog, i would be happy to.. i just don't want my impedance mismatch to
be construed as a slam on seaside.. let me know if you would like me
to write that up..

anyway.. i have hatched another idea that i think would be a good match..

briefly, i love the the nerdiness of 'remember the milk' as a task
organizer. there are some GREAT things that you can do with it.
unfortunately, there is not front end for it that is really workable.
fortunately, it has an awesome API.

i would like to write a front end for it more along the lines of
'things' for the mac. the design of the UI is very nice and clean. it
does not rely on alot of os specific tricks, and all of the UI widgets
are standard.

initially, i went looking around at GUI toolkits, and kinda settled on
using Qt as a good all around cross platform development system for my

if you really want more info on this, you can go here:


i then realized that this would indeed be a GREAT project for seaside,
if i could find a little bit more advanced UI widgets.. it would
require a few more widgets than come with html..

the only other UI kit i know about is the yahoo kit (and gwt, but that
isn't a good option, as i think the whole app must be developed in
java)..  i saw that there were some talk of a wrapper for yui, but i
wasn't sure if this had happened and if so, does it still work?

whew.. that was a WAY longer email than i intended.

let me know if this made any sense to anyone..


photographer, journalist, visionary


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