[Seaside] jQuery ajax: Combining passengers with script

Martin Büttner martin.buettner at student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de
Tue Jun 22 13:56:36 UTC 2010

Hi there,

I'm using Seaside 3.0 and jQuery UI 1.8.1 (Monticello-rev. 56; 
jQuery-Core-rev 105).
What I want to do:
I use passengers to associate some objects on the server with my 
UI-elements on the client. Now I want to send an ajax call to the 
server, sending a passenger along with it. The callback shall return 
javascript code to be executed afterwards.
Since there is no script:passengers: method on JQAjax, I tried some 
combinations. One idea was to use callback:passengers: and execute the 
code in an onSuccess: method. But the server doesn't seem to return 
anything (although, the comment in callback: says "The primary callback 
must generate a response").
Can anyone please tell me what is the best practice solution for the 
problem. I hope there is one and I do not have to subclass JQAjax to 
write a new script:passengers: method ;)

Best regards,
Martin Buettner

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