[Seaside] How do I update seaside beta code in 1-click installer?

Sean Allen sean at monkeysnatchbanana.com
Tue Jun 29 15:25:18 UTC 2010

Monticello manages individual packages which results in the depends on
messages you are getting.

Metacello is a package manager for monticello based projects and would
get you what you want.

I personally would start from the pharo one click or a pharo dev image
and then ( if you try to do this in the seaside 1-click, it wont work
out well ):

You can get the latest Seaside metacello configuration by using gofer.
Evaluate the following in a workspace:

Gofer new
    squeaksource: 'MetacelloRepository';
    package: 'ConfigurationOfSeaside';

Then after that is done, ask the configuration of seaside to load the
latest version ( with tests ) by evaluating the following in a

ConfigurationOfSeaside project latestVersion load: 'Seaside 3.0 Tests'.

The gofer command will load quickly. Loading all of Seaside will take
a bit of time.

After that is done, if you want to update Seaside in the future, you
can use metacello to update Seaside going forward.

On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 2:29 AM, Pat Maddox <patmaddox at me.com> wrote:
> I'm going through the seaside book and am using the 1-click installer which is Seaside-3.0a5.  Radio button callbacks don't seem to work, and after some googling I found http://code.google.com/p/seaside/issues/detail?id=538 which says I "need to update to make it work."  Only problem is, I'm not sure how.  I pulled up Monticello and tried to load the most recent version of Seaside-Core but got "this package depends on the following classes: GROrderedMultiMap".  Also, there are like 20 different packages that I *think* I would need to update, which is cumbersome.  After I got through as many as I could, I got various errors when hitting the web server.
> Anyway, is there some generic update script I can use to get the latest code?  Would be nice to keep up to date so I can use radio buttons :)
> Thanks!
> Pat
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