[Seaside] strange rendering of Ajax Updater

Kai-Uwe Pielka webmail at pielka.de
Wed Mar 3 10:39:11 UTC 2010


I have a strange effect if I try to use the Ajax Updater.

This is the rendering coding:

	html button id: buttonId; class: (buttonId, 'Portrait');
		onClick: html scriptaculous effect highlight;
		onClick: (html scriptaculous updater
			id: #picture;
			callback: [ :ajaxHtml | etummaClient nextPicture. self  
renderPicture: ajaxHtml ]);
		with: aContent.

The source code of the webpage contains the following:
</div><button id="button2" class="button2Portrait submit" onclick="new  
Effect.Highlight(this);new Ajax.Updater(&quot;picture&quot;,&quot;/ 
1&quot;].join(&quot;&amp;&quot;)})" type="submit">&lt; ...
How do I get rid of the '&quot' strings? Seems that the browser cannot  
parse those.
Thanks and Best Regards,
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