[Seaside] Create Markers and intercept relative event

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Wed Mar 3 17:57:45 UTC 2010


thank James for your indications.

With GMZoomLevelMarkers  or  GMManyMarkers i can rendering some markers into maps.

( this example are based on MarkerManager library and solve some sorting / display problem  relative to marker location)

My first problem:
	 when click on one marker into map,  i'm interested to display the  relative information  marker.openInfoWindowHtml("Marker xyz.....")   });

I have change the script to intercept the click event but the function { marker.openInfoWindowHtml("Marker")   }); d'ont work.

function createMarker(posn, title, icon) {
	var marker = new GMarker(posn, {title: title, icon: icon, draggable:true });
	GEvent.addListener(marker, ''dblclick'', function() { mgr.removeMarker(marker) } ); 

	GEvent.addListener(marker, "click", function() { marker.openInfoWindowHtml("Marker")   });

	return marker;

Any idea about it ?  ( the click event is right intercept, if you change the relative function to { mgr.removeMarker(marker) } it's work fine .

Another problem i found is relative to marker creations.

In the example the markers are create with javascripts.

Now my applications manage some items with specific coordinates and i'm interested create relative markers directly from smalltalk code.

	Anybody work about it ?

	The open question are: 

		A) create markers 

		B) define info window relative to the specific marker

		C) manage event and relative callback to application 

 Thanks for any considerations !!!

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