[Seaside] RE: magritte - MASingleOptionDescription as an orderCollection

dtrussardi at tiscali.it dtrussardi at tiscali.it
Sat Mar 6 19:54:49 UTC 2010

Hi Sergio,
I think you add the:
reference: self descriptionCodice  asContainer; 
to display the codice into the select box,

but save the object into #siteType.


^(MASingleOptionDescription new)
		reference: self descriptionCodice  asContainer; 
		autoAccessor: 'linkTipoDeposito';
		options:  [self DataBase asArray] asDynamicObject ;					
		label: 'Tipologia deposito';
		priority: 70;

|	i am trying to figure out how to create a form with magritte using
|	another object to populate the select box, but am having a little
|	problem..
|	my description looks like:
|	descriptionSiteType
|    ^ MASingleOptionDescription new
|        accessor: #siteType;
|        label: 'Site Type';
|        priority: 15;
|	 options:  (SiteType repository do: [:each | each name1]);
|        yourself
|	which populates it with the name of the class (not the instance name),
|	but it appears to save the object okay..
|	what i would like to do is have it:
| save the correct object, but have the name1 show up as the selection text...
|any ideas? thanks!

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