[Seaside] ESUG gentle actions reminder

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Tue Mar 9 21:52:34 UTC 2010

Dear Smalltalkers of all dialects!

In a time where 	we are bombarded with information and may be misinformed :),
some of you may not notice that ESUG is doing a great job pushing Smalltalk, we thought that it is good
 to get a gentle reminder on the main actions ESUG performed in the past. http://www.esug.org
Yes we have been busy promoting the language we all love. :)

The board.

	Sponsoring of Smalltalks Conference 2009
		15 teachers got the travel/hosting payed to attend the conference
		Allessandro Warth invited talk sponsored

	Seaside Hosting since 2005

	Squeak VM support
		Squeak VM on iPhone - John McIntosh Mike Rueger
		Clean of the Squeak mac VM - John McIntosh

		Morphic 30 project - Juan Vuletich
		iPhone Dev - Esteban Lorenzano
		DrGeoII Scripting Syntax extension - Hilaire Fernandes
		Glamour - Tudor Girba

		SqueakOpenDBX 2009
		SqueakOpenDBX 2008
		Safara 2008
		New Compiler for Squeak	2006
		RDF Framework for Smalltalk 2006
		Process based BugTracking System 2006
		ICal support in Smalltalk 2006
		SqueakBot 2006

		Free Smalltalk DVD

	Book sponsoring
		Dynamic Web Development in Seaside by Ducasse etal. (2009)
		Squeak by Example by Black et al. (2008)
		A Mentoring Course on Smalltalk by Valloud et al. (2008)
		Fundamentals of Smalltalk Programming Technique by Valloud et al. (2008)
		Computer Programming using GNU Smalltalk. by C. Gökel (2009)
		Free sent books in 2002
			•Universities that received the books:
				–Germany: Darmstadt, Munich, Berlin
				–Argentina: La Plata, Buenos Aires (3), Cordoba
				–Belgium: Brussels
				–France: Caen, Montpellier-II, Paris 8, Brest
				–Spain: Vigo, Castellon
				–Switzerland: St. Gallen
				–Algeria: Chlef, Blida
				–Argentina: Buenos Aires,
				–Brasil: San Pablo
				–Russia: Tver
				–India: Hyderabad, Uttar Pradesh
				–Chile: Santiago
				–Italy: Cagliari, Benevento
				–Czech Republic: Brno, Praha
				–Servia: Novi Sad
				–France: Douai
				–United Kingdom: Portsmouth, Plymouth
				–Belgium: Bruxelles
				–Germany: Elmshorn
				–China: Wuhan Hubei
				–United States: Santa Barbara
			•Universities that received the books + course
				–Roumania: Timisoara, Cluj Napoca, Targovista

		Sponsoring of the Russian Smalltalk Server (2010)
		Bootstrap Funds for Squeak Germany e.V. 2000 Euros.
		Booth at Conferences
		Chaos Computer Club talks at 21C3 and 23C3 (ESUG payed parts, besides SSUG und Squeak e.V)
		Scanning some of old books http://stephane.ducasse.free.fr/Freebooks.html	
		Digitizing VHS Video of Alan Kay's OOPSLA 1997 Keynote and make it available on Google Video
		Teaching at Barcelona (Spain)
		Teaching at Turino (Italy)
		Teaching at Bledj (Romania)	
		Pharo Sprints
		Sponsoring of OSDC 2009 http://act.osdc.fr/osdc2009fr/sponsors.html

	Managing money for the Squeak foundation since 2004
		This action stopped since ESUG is not a bank

	Sponsoring scientific articles 	
		6 international conference papers in 2009
		8 international conference papers in 2008

	Smalltalk article in the Press
		6 in 2006
		3 in 2007
		5 in 2008 

	ESUG Free entrance tickets
		Some in the previous years
		New this year 10 slots 

	Student volunteer program
		21 students got free access and hosting in 2003
		15 students got free access and hosting in 2004
		A complete classroom of students of north acamedia got free access in 2004
		12 students got free access and hosting in 2005
		15 students got free access and hosting in 2006
		14 students got free access and hosting in 2007
		17 students got free access and hosting in 2008
		18 students got free access and hosting in 2009

Yes participating to the conference helps us to finance all these actions....

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