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Wed Mar 17 13:13:09 UTC 2010


in my applications based on seaside 2.8 i use the method script: 	 to create the data  in the page .

	aCanvas script: 
 ' var iconData = {
  "Lg": { width: 16, height: 16 },
  "Default": { width: 24, height: 24 },
var officeLayer = [ {  "zoom":[0,0], "places":[{"name":"Solare","icon":["Lg","house-shadow"],"posn":[45.89198705802847, 9.95023369789124],"ancor":""},{"name":"Terra","icon":["Lg","house-shadow"],"posn":[38.27268853598097, 0.703125],"ancor":""},]},{  "zoom":[1,1], "places":[{"name":"Europa","icon":["Lg","house-shadow"],"posn":[45.89198705802847, 9.95023369789124],"ancor":""},]},{  "zoom":[2,2], "places":[{"name":"Europea","icon":["Lg","house-shadow"],"posn":[48.45835188280866.

Now when i call directly my application , subclass of WAApplication, all work fine.

The script create right data.

For example: 
places: Array
zoom: Array
0: 0
1: 0

But when i call it from one SUComponent subclass i found some problem.

In this case the script: 		add some other data to my data.

The same upon object now is  :

places: Array
zoom: Array
0: 0
1: 0
_each: function forEach() {
_reverse: function reverse() {
all: function (C, B) {C=C?C.bind(B):Prototype.K;var A=true;this.each(function(E,D){A=A&&!!C(E,D);if(!A){throw $break}});return A;}
any: function (C, B) {C=C?C.bind(B):Prototype.K;var A=false;this.each(function(E,D){if(A=!!C(E,D)){throw $break}});return A;}
clear: function () {this.length=0;return this;}

And this create some problem.

Any idea about this? 

I wrong something ?



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