[Seaside] running my squeak image online...

sergio_101 sergiolist at village-buzz.com
Sun Mar 21 02:37:00 UTC 2010

e you using ? Kom ?
> 4) When you run the image normally (not headless) IN THE SAME PC it works
> ok  ?  Sometimes, if you are in a server, there is no UI, so you can try
> only headess. Here, is a very common problem that your image doesn't find
> the .sources file. Be sure that the file is correctly placed.

the server is somewhere else.. actually, i am not sure even what state it's in!

i should find out though..

> 5) <off-topic>  For a real application, you may want to use a PharoCore in
> which you load Seaside and your app, instead of using the Dev. As you know,
> the Dev is to develop. Thus, it has a lot of stuff not needed at runtime.

that totally makes sense.. i was just trying to get one running that i
knew would run on my local machine.. i will try that..



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