[Seaside] Displaying picture

Michael Delache vladmanchev at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 19:20:25 UTC 2010


  I have a little method that is supposed to display a picture.

Here is my code:

    | string stream |
>     self coverPictureName isNil
>         ifFalse: [ string := self coverDirectory , self coverPictureName.
>                 stream := FileStream fileNamed: string.
>                 stream binary.
>                 HandMorph attach: (World drawingClass withForm:
>                         (ImageReadWriter formFromStream: stream contents))]

 the problem is that 'stream' seems to be a ByteArray and when gave as an
argument to the 'understandsImageFormat' class method of 'JPEGReadWriter',
it (ByteArray) doesn't understand the messages 'reset' and 'next'

Is there a problem with this method or whit mine?

Is there any other possibility to get what I want to do?

Thank you
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