[Seaside] Re: What alternative for fileUpload with WAFile for large files?

Van Upboy van.upboy at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 16:34:02 UTC 2010

Hi Goran,

I installed your changeset (I don't quite know what you changed, but it
seems to work).

These are the times on Windows Vista for some files:

Time: 0.053 Size: 211.414 MB/s: 3.804152866579452
Time: 8.257 Size: 17.342.200 MB/s: 2.003004811672577
Time: 220.436 Size: 253.131.539 MB/s: 1.095125330783933

The larger the file, the slower it gets. I would expect it the other way
I didn't test the async version, because you seemed to suggest that it
didn't improve things for large files.
The other thing I notice is that the seaside upload test doesn't come back
with the file information when it is finished. Is that expected behavior?

Do you know why your changes aren't incorporated into pharo? To me it seems
a wise tactic to use memory as buffering, instead of trying to store it all
in memory.


2010/3/24 Van Upboy <van.upboy at gmail.com>

> Hi Goran,
> Thanks for the tip, I certainly will try it.
> Van.
> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
> Hi!
> Van Upboy wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I'm using fileUpload (seaside 2.8), which uses a WAFile to store the
> > contents directly. However, this doesn't work for (very) large files,
> > because pharo will run out of memory. Likewise, an anchor like this:
> >     html anchor
> >         document: aWAFile contents
> >         mimeType: aWAFile contentType
> >         fileName: aWAFile fileName;
> >         with: aWAFile fileName.
> > won't work, because I can't serve the content directly from memory.
> >
> > I'm new to SmallTalk & Seaside, and I'm wondering how I should approach
> > this problem?
> I posted a changeset a long while back that adds streaming upload
> directly to disk:
> http://lists.squeakfoundation.org/pipermail/seaside/2008-August/018509.html
> ...it was a while since I played with that, not sure what status we have
> today regarding Seaside and SocketStream in your particular image.
> regards, Göran
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