[Seaside] Re: How do I update Pharo 1.0 to Seaside 3.0?

Andy Burnett andy.burnett at knowinnovation.com
Sun May 2 14:47:43 UTC 2010

John McKeon wrote

Hi Andy
What exactly did you search for?


Go to the "latest" tab to see the package referenced.

(Its a little easier to add the new http repository in Monticello from your
image. Then you can load it directly rather than download from the web, open
the downloaded location in monticello etc etc. But then of course you have
to know the repository name first...)

Thanks John,
That fixed it, and I can now see where I went wrong. I searched for the dev
image, but I only saw Damien's name on the front screen, so I assumed I had
found the wrong page.

Slowly, this is all beginning to make sense :-)

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