[Seaside] question about callbacks in listboxes.

Timothy James Ziebart timothy at churchmilitant.org
Mon May 3 17:53:45 UTC 2010

Hello everyone,

I find myself confused, which is not unusual.  I have setup a listbox as 
follows.  I thought the callback was to execute first before jQuery did 
its thing.  What I have been seeing lately, under 3.0 is inconsistent 
behaviour.  Sometimes the callback is executed first but not always.  As 
a result the rendered pages have invalid data because the callback sets 
the variables for the rendered component.  Is this behavior correct?  If 
so is there a way to set the sequence of events?   Thank you for your time.

     html select
         size: 5;
         id: (html nextId);
         list: ((db) findCodeByParent: model region  type: 'area' );
         labels:[:each | each code ];
         selected: model area;
         callback: [ :value | self citySelectionChanged: value ];
         onChange: ((html jQuery id: self liveHoodId) load html: [:r | 
self renderHoodListOn: r] );
         onChange: ((html jQuery id: 's_results')  load serializeThis;
                 html: [ :r | self renderStatusPanelOn: r. self 
renderResultsOn: r ] )


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