[Seaside] Re: I have installed the Seaside 'One Click Image' and Pharo 1.0

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Mon May 3 20:04:18 UTC 2010

> I have installed a fresh Pharo 1.0 and done the seaside 3.0 install as
> described
> (transcribed from your message above):
> Take a pharo 1.0 CLEAN, evaluate the following:
> <code>
> Gofer new
>    squeaksource: 'MetacelloRepository';
>    package: 'ConfigurationOfSeaside';
>    load.
> (Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfSeaside) project latestVersion load:
> 'Seaside
> 3.0'
> </code>
> You instructions work flawlessly. WAKom is up and running and reports

I am glad it is working.

> Seaside Version:        3.0beta1
> Grease Version: 1.0alpha6 (Pharo)
> I am unsure about the 'beta1' designation.
Seaside 3.0 is still "under development". Actualy, as it says there, it is
in a beta state. Seaside 2.8 is the latest stable release. However, I guess
Seaside 3.0 stable release will be very soon and I even know people that
already have applications running with Seaside 3.0 hhaha.Anyway, maybe a
seaside developer can help you more than me.

> I have looked at DEVImageWorkspaces openExternalProjectWorkspace in the
> newly
> installed Pharo, and it does not have the instructions you have sent me. I
> think
> that this explicit help should be included there.

Thanks to another post in this mailing list, I updated the welcome
workspace. Of course, it was not yet integrated and released in a new Pharo
image but how can update that package and let me know your experience. To
update to the new workspace do the following:

1) Open the menu -> "Monticello Browser"
2) In the right column search the repository called
http://www.squeaksource.com/ImageForDevelopers, select it and press the
"open" button.
3) In the new opened popup, select in the left column, the package
4) Now, for that package, in the right column select the version
ImageForDevelopers-pharo-MarianoMartinezPeck.224 and the press the button
5) Evaluate:  "DEVImageWorkspaces openExternalProjectWorkspace"

This will load the new version of the workspace. Please read it carefully
and let me know if this is ok it can be better.

> I also would like to see
> instructions to install Magritte 2.0.
If you read what I told you above, you will be able to do it ;)

> Thanks so much for your help.

You are welcome.

> P.S. I am reviewing the 'Dynamic Web Development with Seaside' and would
> like to
> contribute my findings - there are several erroneous or misleading parts.
Please do it !



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