[Seaside] [3.0] Set exception handler for application?

Julian Fitzell jfitzell at gmail.com
Fri May 7 14:06:14 UTC 2010

I know. :( It's structurally much improved but usability has suffered
somewhat. We would very much love anyone who wants to put some time into
working with us to improve this situation.

Honestly, that's one of the reasons I've been resisting releasing 3.0 but I
think we're just going to have to move ahead without it.


On Fri, May 7, 2010 at 1:11 PM, Boris Popov, DeepCove Labs (YVR) <
boris at deepcovelabs.com> wrote:

>  Speaking of settings, is there a shortcut for the following yet? Let me
> say as much as I like the improvements in 3.0, finding where some of these
> configurable settings live is a major PITA on occasion ;)
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