[Seaside] Newbie question Seaside book.

José Perez asertus at gmail.com
Sun May 9 10:37:21 UTC 2010

I am very newbie at Smalltalk and Seaside..., and I tried implementing
the Note in section 12.2, to make the cancel button behave properly..
...., but I was not able.. Can the example be completed??

I tried among  many other things..

iAddress>>editContact: aContact


    copy := aContact copy.

     editor contact:  copy.

	 editor onAnswer: [ :answer |

			ifTrue: [ Contact removeContact: aContact; addContact: copy


But it only worked properly for the first element. Because once I save
first, I loose the reference to the ordered collection of contacts...
Sorry if this is a fool question, but many years in Java and just
starting with smalltalk and seaside...

Other question (also novice) is that I don't get my radio buttons to
work..., following the book, I wrote:

renderGenderOn: html

	| group |
	html text: 'Gender: '.
        group := html radioGroup.
        group radioButton
            selected: self contact isMale;
            callback: [ self contact beMale ].
        html text: 'Male'.
        group radioButton
            selected: self contact isFemale;
            callback: [ self contact beFemale ].
        html text: 'Female'.
        html break

but it never runs "beMale" or "beFemale"..., however Dates, checkboxes
or inputtexts work fine.... ¿any idea?

I would thank any help regarding these topics..., thanks in advance...


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