[Seaside] Newbie question Seaside book.

José Perez asertus at gmail.com
Mon May 10 10:56:42 UTC 2010

Dear Allen:

I have just followed the steps in the book. Having the class Contact,
using its "database", an OrderedCollection.

If I do just what it is written, it is OK, works fine, and reference
to each contact is OK. Problem starts if I change the editContact:
method, original is:

editContact: aContact

     editor contact: aContact

But this does not work properly with the "cancel" button.., so I tried:


     copy := aContact copy.

     editor contact:  copy.

	 editor onAnswer: [ :answer |

			ifTrue: [ Contact removeContact: aContact; addContact: copy


And the problem is that I do not get this new "copy", work properly..,
I just wanted to learn how to solve the problem regarding the "cancel"

I thank any help...

Best regards,


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