[Seaside] 302 error after 10 selections.

Timothy James Ziebart timothy at churchmilitant.org
Tue May 11 21:15:58 UTC 2010

Hi all,

strange problem.  I have a form with 3 list boxes.  BoxA updates BoxB 
and BoxC dynamically.  I am using jQuery to serialize and reload the 
boxes.  This is the problem:

After having made the 10th selection in any of the boxes I get a 302 
message from the server and the dispatcher page is displayed in place of 
the list boxes. *Only* on the 10th selection. It does not appear to 
matter how many times I make selections in a particular list or in what 
sequence -- it always occurs on the 10th selection.

Any suggestions as to what it might be?  Curious it occurs on the 10th - 
could it be the element id's (using nextId when element redrawn)?   I am 
at a loss as to where to look.

Thank you for taking the time.

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