[Seaside] Re: [Moose-dev] Re: why Glamour configuration is loading Refactoring and all the rest?

Dale Henrichs dhenrich at vmware.com
Fri May 28 17:16:47 UTC 2010

Julian Fitzell wrote:
> Yeah, clearly you should not *have* to load Slime. Nor should you have
> to load the Seaside development tools, examples, etc... The Monticello
> configs need a few more groups I guess.
> Julian


There are a number of things that could be restructured in Seaside3.0. 
For one thing there are several "projects" that are embedded in the 
Seaside3.0 Metacello configuration:

   - Javascript
   - JQuery
   - Prototype
   - RSS
   - Scriptaculous
   - Comet

Each of these _could_ (should?) be broken out into their own 
configuration. Grease, Swazoo2, and Kom are already broken out into 
separate configurations.

Once that's done you could start creating some groups that carve the 
remaining packages into logical chunks...

I will probably start some intensive Seaside3.0 work next week (after 
the holiday on Monday:). So that would be a good time to do some 
configuration refactoring and group defining...Other than the (obvious 
to me) new configs I mentioned above, I don't have an opinion on how the 
system should be grouped, so you guys need to make the decisions ... 
I'll take your desires and turn them into Metacello definitions.

Possibile groupings would include things like the following (keep in 
mind that the minimum loadable chunk in Metacello is a package, so the 
groups should be designed to create commonly used groupings without 
having to cover all possible combos):

   - core without continuations
   - core with continuations
   - production tools (tools that should be included in production)
   - development tools (broader range of tools)
   - slime
   - addons bundle (for things like email, html5, internet explorer)
   - separate groups for each each of the Adaptors

I think there are several additional possibilities carving up tests, but 
I think that test grouping should be deferred until we've got a firm 
grasp on the non-test groupings.


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