[Seaside] [Fwd: Re: [Moose-dev] Re: why Glamour configuration is loading Refactoring and all the rest?]

Julian Fitzell jfitzell at gmail.com
Sat May 29 07:53:45 UTC 2010

On Sat, May 29, 2010 at 12:32 AM, Dale Henrichs <dhenrich at vmware.com> wrote:
> To directly answer your question...I agree, loading Grease should not load
> Slime by default and yes, Slime can certainly be in it's own Metacello
> configuration (not package:).

Looking at the Metacello chapter PDF that's circulating, it looks like
what I meant was "project". Are you sure these things want their own
configurations? It seems to me that Slime is "part of" Grease and all
those other packages are "part of" Seaside, they're just not part of
the core. Again, apologies if I'm just misunderstanding the
terminology or the repercussions.

> So if I add Slime to the list, then here are the projects that are currently
> embedded in the Grease and Seaside30 configurations that should be broken
> out into their own configurations:
>   - Javascript
>   - JQuery
>   - Prototype
>   - RSS
>   - Scriptaculous
>   - Comet
>   - Slime
>   - Grease
>   - Seaside30
> If that makes sense to you I can start building up the configurations (I can
> do the work without interfering with current users) for your consideration.

I'd think you'd also want to be able to load or not load:
Seaside-Base, Seaside-Development, Seaside-Admin-OmniBrowser,
Seaside-Admin-Web, Seaside-Examples for a start. These functionality
groupings don't seem conceptually any different to the ones above to


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