[Seaside] VW WAWalkbackErrorHandler in 3.0

Bob N. bobn at rogers.com
Mon Nov 8 16:29:16 UTC 2010

(I suspect this question has already been answered, but none of my searches
have found it).

We're moving some of our production Seaside code to VW Seaside 3.0 and I'm
tripping over the exception handler.
Q: how do you add a custom exception hander to Seaside in VW?

...the code wraps an exception hander around...
    self session presenter call: (WAWalkback current exception:
...which in VW raises a WAUnhandledNotificationError exception.  This is
then handed off to the super class to send...
    GRPlatform current openDebuggerOn: anException
...which opens a debugger on the server (fine for development work).
Selecting 'run' in the debugger will then render the WAVisualWorksWalkback
(subclass of WAWalkback) component.

The exception is raised in...
         ^ WAUnhandledNotificationError signalWithNotification: self
...which is not an area of Seaside I spend any time in (and many thanks all
those who's work allows me to wallow in ignorance of that code).

In Pharo, the WAUnhandledNotificationError exception is not raised, so
adding our own exception hander is trivial.

I've tested this in VW 7.7 with the latest Seaside loaded...
    (3.0 - 85,mlucas-smith)
    On: 9/21/10 1:19:37 AM
    61114: "Port Seaside 3.0 final TO VW 7.8"

Thanks for any help,
Bob Nemec
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