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Alexandre BP abalonpe at ulb.ac.be
Tue Nov 9 15:02:37 UTC 2010

I have been trying to implement the second example of the following web page:http://localhost:8080/javascript/scriptaculous-components?_s=E1B5JP8uViz0GWmW&_k=Ev9g4gWzMgWXGaOu
I'd like to make an accordion menu but it doesn't work...
Here is what I tried:(FriendsFolders inherit from SUAccordion)
FriendsFolders>>>initialize 		super initialize .	accordion := SUAccordion new     	 	add: (SUCounterTest on: 1) label: 'Counter 1';      		add: (SUCounterTest on: 2) label: 'Counter 2';      		add: (SUCounterTest on: 3) label: 'Counter 3';      	yourself.	FriendsFolders>>>coreClass
   ^ SUAccordion
   ^Array with: accordion
FriendsFolders>>>renderContentOn: canvas
	self show: accordion.
	"self renderHead: accordion index: 1 on: canvas."
	"self renderBody: accordion index: 1  visible: true on: canvas."
	"self renderNavigationOn: canvas."
	self toggle: accordion.
	canvas render: accordion.
The web page only show the tree Counters but doesn't display anything else when I click on it.How does it work?I don't get it...
Thx in advancealex
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