[Seaside] Re: Seaside 3.0 Final for Dolphin 6 Available

Sebastian Calvo fxgallego at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 22:59:49 UTC 2010


As promised here are the tests failing in Dolphin 6:

1) GRDolphinColorTest>>testFromStringThreeDigit
Not yet implemented. I forget implement this correctly so for the next update 
will be OK

2) GRDolphinPlatformTest>>testMessageSendValueWithPossibleArguments
I will post to the Dolphin list about this. The problem is with 
MessageSend>>valueWithArguments:. The Dolphin implementation does not allow to 
pass additional arguments if the MessageSend was initially created with empty 
arguments so is not valid send #valueWithArguments: (Array with: 2) to 
(MessageSend receiver: 1 selector: #+). Strange, but is no so easy to change. 
#valueWithPossibleArguments: is an alternative.

3) GRPlatformTest>>testCharacterAsUnicode
#asUnicode is a message present in the UTF support for Dolphin (from Udo 
Schneider) and there are no senders of #asUnicode others than the test so 
currently there is no reason to patch to support the behavior that Grease 
expects. Maybe I can ask to Udo if it is safe change to answer the codePoint as 
Grease expects.

4) GRPlatformTest>>testGreaseIntegerOnCharacter

This are related to some UTF strings not handled same as Pharo. I will ask Udo, 
I'm not an expert here.

5) WADebugErrorHandlerTest>>testMechanismProceed
The mechanism proceed works exactly as the test expects but you have hit (IMO) a 
Dolphin bug here just in the test case, when using 1/0 to simulate an error.
For this I will post to the Dolphin list too.

Again, you should remember that currently we don't support Seaside Flow

Will the installation instructions on the Seaside.st site be updated? 

Best Regards
Sebastian Calvo

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