[Seaside] Re: Seaside 3.0 Final for Dolphin 6 Available

Sebastian Calvo fxgallego at gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 13:21:20 UTC 2010


> > 4) GRPlatformTest>>testGreaseIntegerOnCharacter
> >    GRUtf8CodecTest>>testCodecUtf8Bom
> >    GRUtf8CodecTest>>testCodecUtf8ShortestForm
> The second one is not so important, at least Pharo and VW don't pass
> it as well. What's the problem with the first one, does Dolphin return
> the BOM (U+FEFF)?

Dolphin actually does the encoding using the Windows API wideCharTo... 
multiByteCharTo... and I think that BOM is not handled by the API. I have not 
found info about that.
For GRPlatformTest>>testGreaseIntegerOnCharacter
The problem is in the statement previous to the last assert, in 

"SMP (4 byte)"
	manna := self decodeUtf8Character: #(240 144 140 188 ).
	self assert: manna greaseInteger = 66364

#decodeUtf8Character: internally executes one additional assert "self assert: 
decoded size = 1" but the decoded size is actually 2 composed by #(U+D800 
U+DF3C). What do you think?

> > 5) WADebugErrorHandlerTest>>testMechanismProceed
> > The mechanism proceed works exactly as the test expects but you have hit 
(IMO) a
> > Dolphin bug here just in the test case, when using 1/0 to simulate an error.
> > For this I will post to the Dolphin list too.
> Does 1 / 0 not signal an error on Dolphin?

:) Yes but two times, you can read about this problem here http://twit.io/2Fk 

Sebastian Calvo

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