[Seaside] Re: Seaside 3.0 Final for Dolphin 6 Available

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 20:08:41 UTC 2010

2010/11/9 Sebastian Calvo <fxgallego at gmail.com>:
> Philip:
> As promised here are the tests failing in Dolphin 6:
> 1) GRDolphinColorTest>>testFromStringThreeDigit
> Not yet implemented. I forget implement this correctly so for the next update
> will be OK
> 2) GRDolphinPlatformTest>>testMessageSendValueWithPossibleArguments
> I will post to the Dolphin list about this. The problem is with
> MessageSend>>valueWithArguments:. The Dolphin implementation does not allow to
> pass additional arguments if the MessageSend was initially created with empty
> arguments so is not valid send #valueWithArguments: (Array with: 2) to
> (MessageSend receiver: 1 selector: #+). Strange, but is no so easy to change.
> #valueWithPossibleArguments: is an alternative.
> 3) GRPlatformTest>>testCharacterAsUnicode
> #asUnicode is a message present in the UTF support for Dolphin (from Udo
> Schneider) and there are no senders of #asUnicode others than the test so
> currently there is no reason to patch to support the behavior that Grease
> expects. Maybe I can ask to Udo if it is safe change to answer the codePoint as
> Grease expects.
> 4) GRPlatformTest>>testGreaseIntegerOnCharacter
>    GRUtf8CodecTest>>testCodecUtf8Bom
>    GRUtf8CodecTest>>testCodecUtf8ShortestForm
> This are related to some UTF strings not handled same as Pharo. I will ask Udo,
> I'm not an expert here.
> 5) WADebugErrorHandlerTest>>testMechanismProceed
> The mechanism proceed works exactly as the test expects but you have hit (IMO) a
> Dolphin bug here just in the test case, when using 1/0 to simulate an error.
> For this I will post to the Dolphin list too.
> Again, you should remember that currently we don't support Seaside Flow
> Will the installation instructions on the Seaside.st site be updated?



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