[Seaside] VASmalltalk 8.0.2 and autoload of WWW-documents

Marten Feldtmann itlists at schrievkrom.de
Thu Nov 11 23:12:20 UTC 2010

It happens in an environment where Seaside is behind an Apache 2.2 
(Windows 7 Home/64). It may be therefore only some kind of configuration 
problems of Apache or IP problems on my Home-version of Windows 7 ?.

I will check this with Pharo and Apache 2.2.

Am 11.11.2010 21:40, schrieb Marten Feldtmann:
> and guess what !? It works ! BUT only until I open another browser and 
> start another session on that seaside application or just query the 
> startup seaside page on that running Smalltalk server.
> Then the browser with the autoload running stops updating and shows 
> only the sourcecode of that page.

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