[Seaside] Javascript question

Phil phil at tcp.net.au
Thu Nov 18 21:54:22 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I'm learning the JS Classes and have a couple of issues I can't find answers to.

To create the following function:

function(node) {
	if (node.leaf) {

i'm using:

(html javascript 
	alias: 'node';
	call: 'onClick' with: 'node.id';
	condition: 'node.leaf') asFunction: #(node)

however it renders: 


How do I make the "node.leaf" and "node.id" into references rather than strings?

And then how to I get the following into the condition?

jQuery ajax
	callback: [:value | self nodeSelected: (self passengerAt: value)]
	value: 'node.id'))

Any pointers would be much appreciated.



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