[Seaside] Disconnecting from Comet?

John Chludzinski john.chludzinski at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 23:24:12 UTC 2010

In the same render method that I added:

        html document
              addLoadScript: (html comet
                     assignTo: 'window.mainPusher';
                     pusher: self pusher;

I also added:

        html anchor
             onClick: (html jQuery ajax script: [ :s | s << (s jQuery html:
[ :h | "self break." h document addLoadScript: (h comet alias:
'window.mainPusher'; disconnect) ])]);
             with: 'KILL'.

This is my effort to stop Comet (the spinning wheel in the browser) by
clicking 'KILL'.  It FAILS (i.e., when I click on 'KILL' - nothing)!

I also tried:

        html anchor
             onClick: (html document addLoadScript: (html comet alias:
'window.mainPusher'; disconnect));
             with: 'KILL'.

This works all too well.  It kills (i.e., disconnects from) Comet
immediately.  No Comet for advancing slides in my presentation app.


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