[Seaside] File to URL

Nicolas Vanni seasidepharo at yahoo.fr
Mon Nov 29 16:01:02 UTC 2010


I have a file in the same folder than the seaside image (test.pdf) and i want to 
link the file to an URL.

first i create a new class like this:

WAFileLibrary subclass: #MyFileLibrary

and next, i'm trying the fallowing code on a renderContentOn

renderContentOn: html
MyFileLibrary addAllFilesIn: './'.
MyFileLibrary addFileAt: 'test.pdf'.
html image url: (MyFileLibrary urlOf: #testPdf).

the result is i can't link the file and all seems to be frozen and slower than 
before a ran the code.

what do i wrong ? do i need to download a library to do this ?

thanks before

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