[Seaside] Re: How do I do a remote validation for jquery.validator.js with a seaside component?

fritz schenk intrader at aol.com
Mon Oct 4 21:46:45 UTC 2010

More info:
I am studying what magritte gives me as it does many things that I implemented
in javascript, jscript and vb (for client and server) way back in 1997:

The rules are very similar. Among the differences is that in the 1997
1. The rules were encoded in a subset of javascript and held in the objects
descriptors (in vb).
2. The objects when asked to 'view' generate client side javascript (from the
subset) and if necessary server-side jscript for server side validation in case
that the client does not have javascript or the http request comes from
something other than a browser.
3. The objects hold the model and handle persistance to a relational db. The
objects are aware of collections and links between objects.

Very sophisticated, still in maintenance for a major bank, but soon to be
obsoleted (vb, and .net)

The 'captcha' says 'nostalgia' - very apprpriate

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