[Seaside] jQuery questions

Rob Withers reefedjib at gmail.com
Sat Oct 9 20:39:33 UTC 2010

I am trying to understand the latest CTReport example.  Lukas recently made 
changes to allow a new item to be added.  I am confused by what exactly the 
jQuery pieces are doing.

1) In CTReport>>renderContentOn: there is some code that binds 'refresh' to 

	html table
		script: (html jQuery this
			bind: 'refresh' do: (html jQuery this load
				html: [ :h | self renderTableOn: h ]));

what does the message #this do?   What about 'html jQuery this load'. 
Obviously the html: portion is the action taken, which re-renders the table.

2) In CTReport>>renderRowView:on: there is an anchor created with an 
onClick: script:

	html tableData: [
		html anchor
			url: '#';
			" replace the owning row with an editable row "
			onClick: ((html jQuery this closest: 'tr') load
				html: [ :r | self renderRowEdit: anItem on: r ]);
			with: 'edit' ]

What does '((html jQuery this closest: 'tr') load' do?

Now some AJAX stuff...

3) In CTReport>>renderAddOn: there is jQuery...

		onClick: (html jQuery ajax script: [ :script |
			script add: ((script jQuery: 'table') append: [ :renderer |
				renderer tableRow: [
						renderRowEdit: CTReportItem new
						action: [ :item | self items add: item ]
						on: renderer ] ]) ]);

What does 'html jQuery ajax script:' do?  In the script it looks like it 
grabs the 'table' (although I don't see where the table was named) and 
appends a tableRow.

4) In CTReport>>renderRowEdit:action:on: there is more jQuery ajax....

			onClick: (html jQuery ajax
				" serialize all form elements in the table "
				serialize: ((html jQuery this closest: 'table') find: ':input');
				" trigger a refresh on all connected tables "
				html: [ :r |
					aBlock value: anItem.
					self pusher javascript: [ :s |
						s add: ((s jQuery: 'table')
							trigger: 'refresh') ] ]);

Ditto on 'jQuery ajax'?  What does 'serialize: ((html jQuery this closest: 
'table') find: ':input');' do?  Clearly the trigger: 'refresh' is sent to 
all pages the pusher knows about, right?

If there is anything else you can tell me or point me to the appropriate 
literature, it would be most appreciated!


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