[Seaside] HTML/Javascript list and Comet updating it's contents.

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I am generally adverse to commenting my code.  This framework you have built 
is certainly enhanced by it.  Thank you for the help, Lukas.  I really liked 
your slides.


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>> So, what is (script jQuery: #messages) doing?
> This is the same as
>    script jQuery: '#messages'
> a query on the DOM element with the ID messages.
>> What type of object is the
>> result?
> On the Smalltalk side an instance of JQueryInstance.
> On the Javascript side a jQuery instance of the matching DOM elements.
>> Is the server getting the list of messages from the client?
> No, #append: just appends a new item to the list. The list of messages
> is not stored on the server.
>> Or is
>> aBlock (a String) and aString being sent to the client and this script is
>> running on the client?
> The block is a Seaside render block. It happens on the server, the
> resulting HTML string is sent to the client.
>> I am not clear on the sequence of cascaded messages
>> sent: (#children; #sliceFrom:to:, #remove, #end, #append:, #end,
>> #scrollTop:).
> #jQuery: defines the query. #children, #sliceFrom:to: refines the
> query. #remove performs the action on the resulting DOM elements. #end
> resets to the original query. Each single method has a detailed method
> comment, look at the implementor (or display it with eCompletion).
> These is basic jQuery knowledge, do some of the Javascript/HTML
> tutorials listed here: <http://docs.jquery.com/Tutorials>.
> You might also be interested in my jQuery tutorial of ESUG last year
> in Brest. The slides and the video are linked here
> <http://www.seaside.st/documentation/videos>.
> Lukas
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