[Seaside] A question of a beginner

Holger Kleinsorgen h.kleinsorgen at i-views.de
Fri Oct 15 13:50:19 UTC 2010

Seaside-Welcome does not include all necessary prerequisites. It 
references some classes included in the jQuery test package 

So either  load JQuery-Tests-Core or unload Seaside-Welcome.

> i am very new to Seaside, but i have some expirience with VisualWorks.
> I have loaded the Seaside-package into a vanilla image. No i want to do
> my first journey with Seaside.
> When i visit in FF the link http://localhost:7777, i get an exception im
> my image. Stacktrace see below.
> The settings of seaside are default, i have modified nothing:
> Servertype: HTTP, Port: 7777, etc.

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