[Seaside] An on-line programmable CMS

Reza Razavi razavi at acm.org
Sun Oct 17 13:55:00 UTC 2010

Dear all,

I would like to bring to your attention the availability of an 
on-line programmable content management system at:

It is implemented by a home-made software platform that reuses and 
extends Seaside and Pier CMS. For more information, please check the 
following post (also copied below for your convenience):

I would like to take this opportunity to thank You, and all Smalltalk 
communities for their outstanding contributions that have made this 
work possible.
Best regards,
Reza Razavi

The goal of this website is to illustrate the concept of on-line 
programmable CMS, i.e., a web application that behaves both as a 
content management and an on-line programming system. This web site 
is a distribution of [1]. It's by no means a production site. It 
actually runs on a VPS with quite limited resources.

New functionality may be implemented and integrated on-line by 
composing atomic services (in the sense of SOA). The site provides 
Seaside jQuery-based graphical interfaces for service composition 
[2]. For a step-by-step on-line programming guide, please check [3]. 
For any further inquiries, please contact me.

Atomic services may be of different kinds:
- Interactive web components, like Seaside components,
- Pure computational components, like mathematical algorithms,
- Sensing components, like measurement requests in industrial metrology,
- Actuation components, like robot commands in manufacturing, and, 
last but not least,
- Control flow components, like iterations and conditionals.

Websites like this one describe their atomic services as "contracts", 
and makes them available on-line [4]. To illustrate the applicability 
of this concept to diverse domains, this website proposes a variety 
of (rather simple) atomic services, which relate to areas such as 
on-line shopping (for the Seaside sushi example) [5], communication 
[6], e-learning for students [7], e-teaching for Older Adults [8], 
and entertainment [9]. Flow control constructions are also 
represented explicitly as contracts [10], and may be defined 
according to the application requirements. Other kinds of atomic 
services may also be added, even dynamically, depending on the 
application requirements.

Domain concepts that end-users care about and their instances may 
also be managed on-line, via a sort of on-line class and instance 
browser [11].

In real-life deployments, the above-mentioned on-line programming 
tools that are made here publicly available may be only made 
accessible to qualified end-users.

This web site is an example of pontoon application as I presented at 
IWST'2010 [12]. It's implemented by reusing and extending Seaside and 
Pier CMS, as also presented in an IWST'2010 paper, which will shortly 
be available via [13] and also the ACM DL [14]. In the meanwhile, I 
can provide a copy to interested parties upon request.

Application domains may be diverse [15]. We are currently 
investigating opportunities for very large scale deployments related 
to the concept of web as a service innovation platform.

[1] http://www.aas-platform.com
[2] http://www.afacms.com/cats/activities/
[3] http://www.afacms.com/examples
[5] http://www.afacms.com/cats/contracts/shopping/

[7] http://www.afacms.com/cats/contracts/maths/

[9] http://www.afacms.com/cats/contracts/music/

[11] http://www.afacms.com/cats/concepts/

[14] <http://portal.acm.org/dl.cfm>http://portal.acm.org/dl.cfm
[15] http://www.aas-platform.com/about/applications/
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