[Seaside] Serving a file

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Sun Oct 17 17:39:18 UTC 2010

2010/10/17 Thierry Thelliez <thierry.thelliez.tech at gmail.com>:
> Hello,
> I need to generate some file based reports (Excel). Some of these
> reports are generated on the fly, some others (the long ones) will be
> pre-generated.
> For the reports generated on the fly (when users click a button), how
> do I set a page type to be something like:  application/vnd.ms-excel
> (extension xml or csv). ?

Which version of Seaside?

> For the pre generated reports (static files), is that a good practice
> to 'record' the files with a sub class of WAFileLibrary?

No, in general not.


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