[Seaside] Embedded WATask

Peter Schorsch tralalas at freenet.de
Wed Oct 20 17:42:48 UTC 2010


a seaside newbe question about WATask.

As I understood the documentation WATask is for workflows. With regard to 
the seaside tutorial I wrote a Login/Logout task (subclass of WATask).

If my subclass of WATask is the root component it works. But as soon I try 
to embed the task it fails with the message »This task has no delegation«

WATask subclass: TTLogInOutControl

TTLogInOutControl >> go
	self call: TTLogin new.

TTLogInOutControl class >> canBeRoot

WAComponent subclass: TTLogin

TTLogin >> renderContentOn: html
	html heading: 'It works'.

What did I miss to call my subclass of WATask (TTLogInOutControl) embedded 
in an other component? Or did I completely missunderstand the documentation 
of WATask? If so, is there any tutorial/howto for embedded tasks in seaside?

Thank you for your help

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